Alphane Moon 8A in Chironico,
pic by Aldo Tonazzi

Monday, November 5, 2012

Reykyavik low - 2

After the first six days in "Reykyavik low", which I've already described in one of my last entries, I put some more days into it afterwards. I was a bit under pressure, because of the upcoming bad and cold weather and the snow, which was a forthcoming consequence of it. It was (or better said IS) a big wish to complete this FA-project this year... but now, after the snow up there is reality and the road up to the pass is closed for the next months, the chances are very little to get more chances on it.

As you can read out of these words, i was not able to climb and finish the line. Even three more days were not enought to succeed. The road was already completely closed for some days and afterwards they opened it just during days. As a consequence of it I even had to take my mothers E-bike the one evening...!!
It was a good warmup... but still quite tiring. ;o)

The last day then (day nr. 9) I took off work in the afternoon, went for the potential last chance this year and gave it some more tries. Likewise unsuccessful...!

I was pretty disappointed!! Every day it felt more and more possible and I had several very promising tries up to or even through the last crux. But it seemed, that I put in too many days in a row and during a too short time, so that my body was not able to recover enough between these climbing days. After day nr. 9 I felt completely distroyed... despite of my best tries that day. It was a MUST to let it be for some days/weeks now... so the current snow up there is not a big problem. I'm just hoping that I get one or two more chances during November, when I can go up there totally fresh and recovered.

Because of the fact that this is a very short and pure boulder, the few moves are extremely hard and the specific muscles are getting pretty stressed. Another thing is that you have to pull the whole boulder over your left hook... on different positions. So your body is the whole time under a huge tension. No wonder that especially the hook was the lacking limb in the end.

Anyway... I will be back soon, if I get another chance. If not... I will finish it early next year. HOPEFULLY...!! ;)

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  1. ha, left hook, thats GREAT, will join in next year... ;)