Alphane Moon 8A in Chironico,
pic by Aldo Tonazzi

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Failure and Success

Hmmm... could be a bit boring for all of the readers of my blog. But once again a short message to my never ending project "Reykyavik low". ;)

After I put two more days into the line during November it is still undone. Crazy how many days I spent at this bloc so far. I needed three days to climb the usual sitstart from "Reykyavik, 8A+/8B"... but was almost able to finish it the first evening. With this two additional moves it's seems to be a completely other story. JUST TWO MOVES... and not the hardest ones! But I was not able to finish it up during 8 days after the ascent of Reykyavik.
I never spent so much effort in an ascent. But because of the fact that it would be an FA (a really hard one) and a very special one for me personally, I've never wrangled. I really WANTED it...!!

Anyway... now it's definitely over for the year 2012 and I have to wait for the new season 2013 before I can go for some more run-ups. I will be back as soon as possible...! ;)

lot of snow at the Steingletscher-area...

one of half a million tries in "Reykyavik low"... ;)

On the other hand I had a nice success in Chironico the last Friday evening when I was out for a nice bouldering session with friends.

After I climbed "Blochx Addiciton, 8A" some days/weeks ago, I managed to climb the harder topout-variant "Pure Addiction, 8A+" from Guntram after two more days at this bloc. It's a nice version and definitely harder than the original.
Now I can go for Dai's variant with the even harder finish over "Souvenir, 8A"....!! hahaha ;o)

the ascent of "Pure Addiciton, 8A+"... pic by Aldo Tonazzi.


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